Broad coalition comes together to boost gender equality in the...

Dec 16, 2016

Regional Conference Advancing the Gender Equality Agenda in Western Balkans and Turkey held in [...]

Play in honour of 70 years since women in Montenegro won the r...

Dec 1, 2016

The multimedia play ''Women's political history'' was designed to mark the occasion of 70 years [...]

Regional conference Advancing the Gender Equality Agenda in th...

Nov 29, 2016

Regional conference Advancing Gender Equality Agenda in the Western Balkans and Turkey will be [...]

Closing the gap: an overview of UNDP results in gender equalit...

Aug 20, 2015

Gender equality, women’s empowerment and the realization of women’s rights are critical to [...]


Bojana's story: Wind at my back

Oct 10, 2017

Bojana's entrepreneurs dealing with recruiting candidates for employment in the Middle East, bu [...]

Samira's key for success

Sep 28, 2017

Program "Support to implementation of the Anti-discrimination and gender equality policies in M [...]

Jelena’s light from the onyx lamp

Sep 14, 2017

Jelena Kovacevic is a 32-years old economist who comes from Niksic, and her business idea is pr [...]

TATJANA Dragutinovic : Success requires not only hard work, bu...

Sep 13, 2017

Success requires not onlyhard work, but also positive attitude and energy – we have heard thi [...]

Violence in Family

Violence against women: why we cannot afford to be bystanders?

Sep 27, 2017

It is evident that we can not close eyes because violence has far-reaching consequences for the [...]

UN Women and the European Union launch a new initiative to foc...

Jul 10, 2017

UN Women and the EU will aim to reform policies in line with international standards, transfrom [...]

Podgorica rises against violence!

Feb 14, 2017

On Sunday 12 February we danced against violence at Podgorica Independence Square. [...]

Educative-consultative program about violence in family on a g...

Oct 6, 2015

Educative- consultative program about violence in family on a gender basis was held on 28th and [...]