The team


Kaca Djurickovic

is UNDP Gender Programme Manager and Gender Mainstreaming Officer in CO Montenegro. She joined UNDP eight years ago supporting and maintaining most significant processes in the country related to capacity development, institutional and legal framework for gender equality work where National Action Plan for Gender Equality, Law on Gender Equality, Strategic Plan for Enhancement of Governmental Office for Gender Equality present just some of them.

Prior to her work in UNDP, Kaca was active in civil society as of ‘90s, professionally engaged as political journalist for few years and led well-known local NGO in Montenegro focused at political participation and economic empowerment of women. In addition she was involved in number of women-human rights, peace building and disarmament activities through-out the Balkan region.

Furthermore, Kaca has authored and contributed to several publications, journal articles, conference papers and professional reports focused around her work on gender, democratic governance and social inclusion, as well as gender mainstreaming of UNDP and government policies and processes.



Vanja Šćepović

Gender Programme Coordinator. Her educational background includes a B.A. in English Language and Literature, as well as a degree in translation and interpretation. In parallel to her work as an English teacher at the University, she was involved in the NGO sector, both as a volunteer and a coordinator of programmes targeted at young people, esp. those from marginalized groups. This NGO experience shaped her beliefs in the value of informal approach to education, multiculturalism and inclusiveness. In 2007 she obtained a Master’s degree in Special and Inclusive Education at the University of Cambridge, UK. Upon her return to Montenegro she contributed to development of inclusive education policy and practice, through international development programmes. In a Finnish-funded bilateral programme she was involved in planning and implementing an extensive series of in-service teacher trainings, but also in different levels of policy-making activities. She was also engaged as the editor of the International magazine for educational policy and practice-007, aimed at wide professional and scientific educational audience. In the international NGO Save the Children UK, office in Montenegro, where she was a Programme Manager until the office closure, she continued to develop programmes in the area of improving the state of child rights. She joined UNDP Gender Programme because she believes that gender equality is one of the prerequisites for sustainable and inclusive development of Montenegro.