Program summary

The Programme “Support to the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies” will contribute to the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and equal opportunities in Montenegro. The Programme is made for a stronger implementation of anti-discrimination framework, especially towards Roma, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, persons with disability, women and minorities. It will be established efficient and effective system for accomplishment of gender equality and women’s empowerment standards. It includes multi-donor financing facility to provide resources for human rights protection, from national to local levels.

Supporting the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies is anchored in the government’s national, EU integration frameworks. The Programme will take into achievements learned from Gender Programme IPA 2010. Our vision of Montenegro’s future is democratic society free of social exclusion with government transparency.
The Programme will be developed through five following programmatic components:

Anti-discrimination, Capacity development support, Violence in family, Political empowerment of women, Women’s entrepreneurship support.

The Programme will apply UNDP principles of the results based management, human rights, gender mainstreaming, and will remain aligned with the national institutions in charge of human rights and gender equality policies implementation.